Saint Catherine Catholic School Focuses on the Whole Child in a Safe and Nurturing Academic Environment

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At St. Catherine our students embrace the joy of learning!

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St. Catherine’s Catholic Elementary School

There are exciting things happening at St. Catherine School! New programs and resources are being added — providing students one-on-one help or giving students who excel more ways to grow and learn. It’s extremely important to us that each student receives personalized attention and has a strong foundation to build from — academically, spiritually, and in preparation for what life brings.

Building Bright Futures, Hope Starts Here!

At St. Catherine Catholic School, we prepare students for faith-filled living and learning – in the classroom and beyond – through strong academic programs and promoting personal responsibility.

Welcome to St. Catherine School!

Hello, I’m Mr. Michael Turner, proud principal at St. Catherine’s Catholic Elementary School, truly honored and blessed to be here. I’d like to personally welcome your family to the St. Cate’s community!

We look forward to getting to know each and every student and their families. Our passion and dedication for education and student development is abundant. It’s focused on preparing students at St. Catherine’s for high school, college, and a faith-filled, bright future.

In my career, I’ve spent more than 14 years teaching in Milwaukee classrooms and enjoyed it tremendously. My goal is to apply those years of experience to expand the possibilities for students at St. Catherine’s. Keep in mind, success is not a solo journey; it takes all of us working together – parents, grandparents, teachers, pastors, principal, and our faith community – for our students to achieve greatness.

We invite your family to come along on the journey with us.

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Proud to be a Seton Catholic School

The Seton Way

A Whole Child Approach to Education

MIND. Seton is paving the way for exceptional Catholic education in the 21st century. We are advancing students through a leading educational model designed for ultimate student success.

BODY. To meet the needs of the whole child, Seton offers necessary services and support for a student’s emotional well-being, safety, and physical needs.

SPIRIT. At Seton, we’re building strong character and changing lives. Our students are grounded with a solid faith foundation preparing them to meet every challenge that life brings.

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